Making Company Security Decisions

Three Top Risks That Your Home Faces And How Security Systems Can Help

Your home is supposed to be a safe heaven and hub of comfort for the entire family. However, the reality is that many parts of your property could cause safety risks if not properly maintained. Fires, water damage, and theft are common threats, along with vandalism and home invasions from burglars in the neighborhood.

The good news is that you can control for many of these risks by installing a security system. Choosing between different home security systems extends beyond just fitting alarms or security sensors. You also need to look for a system that can detect fires, leaks, and other threats that may damage your property.

Here are three of the most common risks your home is likely to face and how a security system can help.  

1.    Vandalism (security cameras)

Vandalism is a common threat that many homeowners face. Vandalism is mostly carried out due to malicious intent, although other perpetrators may be looking to also steal items from your home. You can prevent vandals from causing damage by installing security cameras in strategic locations.

A combination of discrete and visible cameras is useful because the visible ones could scare away intruders. And because most vandals look to damage property without being seen, many will change their minds when they see your cameras in action. You should install visible cameras near your driveway, front door, and backyard (or garden). These will act as your first line of defense against vandals, as you'll be able to see them before they get to your home.  

2.    Break-ins (alarms)

Homeowners may also face the threat of home invasions/break-ins. Burglars looking to forcefully enter your home could be dangerous, which is why an alarm system is critical. Set alarms across entry points such as front/back doors, windows, and garages. If a forced entry happens, the alarm will go off and notify both you and the security company protecting your home.

3.    Fire (smoke sensors)

Domestic fires cause thousands of dollars in damages every year. While smoke detectors help alert homeowners to potential fires, many have limited features that are insufficient for modern appliances. Consider installing smoke sensors that are integrated with your security system. These smart sensors can send/receive signals from a central control system, providing timely alerts in the event of a fire outbreak. Smart smoke sensors can also alert you to a potential fire even when you're not home. This gives you additional peace of mind and 24/7 protection.