Making Company Security Decisions

Take Security To The Next Level: Why Your Business Needs A CCTV System

If you own a business, don't settle for ordinary security cameras -- invest in a closed-circuit television system. CCTV goes one step beyond the ordinary security cameras you may be used to. CCTV systems provide security coverage for your entire business. Here are four of the many reasons why installing a CCTV system is a sound investment for your business. 

Provide Protection Against Crime

If you have an ordinary security camera for your business, you may not have the protection you need. That's because your security cameras might not be able to record criminal activities. Ordinary security cameras need constant monitoring; they also need video feed for recording. Ordinary recording capabilities can fail, and when they do, law enforcement officials don't have the evidence they need to investigate the crime. That's where CCTV comes into the picture. CCTV provides constant monitoring and recording of the premises.

Discourage False Injury Claims

If you own a business, you carry insurance to protect against injury liability claims. Unwarranted injury claims increase your insurance costs. If you don't have a monitoring system on your premises, you have no way to protect yourself against false injury claims. CCTV systems record all the activities that occur on your property. When someone files an injury claim, you need CCTV recordings to provide the evidence you need. You can use the recordings to either dispute or confirm the injury claim.

Allow for Long-Distance Monitoring

If you travel a lot, you need a way to monitor your business while you're out of town. Ordinary security cameras don't allow for long-distance monitoring, which means you won't be able to keep an eye on things from a remote location. CCTV systems, on the other hand, will allow for long-distance monitoring. Because the recordings are stored off-site, you can monitor your business from anywhere in the world. This option is also beneficial when your business has multiple locations, as you can monitor each location from wherever you are. 

Enhance Loss Prevention Efforts

If you employ a loss prevention team, you need a fully-functioning CCTV system. Without CCTV system capabilities, your loss prevention team must walk the stores to stop theft. However, they can't be everywhere at once, so areas of your business will be without security protection. CCTV systems allow your loss prevention team to monitor for theft from one convenient location. 

Take steps to make your business as secure as possible. Instead of installing ordinary security cameras, upgrade to a CCTV system.