Making Company Security Decisions

Home Security Tips For Seniors

As a senior or somebody who has a senior they want to take care of, you may have already looked into security services available to you. Seniors are at higher risk for becoming the victims of some crimes, and you may want to pursue home security options that provide more protection.

Home security tips for seniors are widely available, but how can you be sure that you are making good choices? These are some tips you should consider for your home.

Secure Your Sliding Glass Door

If you have a sliding glass door, you might feel that you are safe simply locking it. You should consider putting a dowel in the track of the sliding door to ensure that it cannot be opened even if somebody was able to unlock the door or you forgot to lock it. Burglars are not as likely to smash the door because it will cause a lot of noise.

Consider Using a Decoy Safe

A decoy safe is a safe you use to make somebody think they have found "the goods" in your home. You should have an actual safe well-hidden in your home. For instance, you might put a decoy safe on a shelf or in your office where somebody might find it. Your real safe might be under your floorboards or somewhere else very well-hidden.

Update Security Codes Regularly

If you use a security code to enter your garage or unlock your door, make sure that you change it regularly. You may have given somebody the code a long time ago and forgotten it, or perhaps somebody was able to figure out the code by watching your hand movements.

Plant Unwelcoming Shrubs Under Windows

Some intruders try to enter a home through the windows. To stop this now, plant thorny and unwelcoming plants under and near your windows. This will prevent somebody from seeing a window as an easy entry point to your home.

Consider Getting a Dog

Dogs are good deterrents for those who are thinking about breaking into a home. Not only are dogs protective of their homes, but they also make a lot of noise that intruders do not want to deal with.

Talk to a Professional Security Expert

Seniors may feel limited in their ability to protect their homes physically, but these tricks can provide a lot of protection for your belongings, even when you are not home. A security pro can help you come up with more solutions to your everyday concerns. Contact a security services company such as Night Hawk Security today.