Making Company Security Decisions

3 Ways To Prevent Problems With Video Security

When you have a business, your place may only be as safe as the security your put in place to protect it. While many people are committed to boosting the security of their company, the fact of the matter is that many people overlook the importance of security cameras. Here are three ways to boost the effectiveness of your video security, and how it could help in the long run. 

1. Check Those Angles When you have security cameras set up, be sure to check the angles regularly to make sure none have been tampered with. While you can do this by walking from camera to camera, a more effective way is by checking the view from the security control room. 

As you check the view from the cameras, be mindful of what you can see and what is left out of view. If you can't see what you need to, adjust the angle of the lens to ensure full view of what matters most. 

2. Keep Your Camera Lenses Clean Over time, security cameras can become dusty or dirty, especially if they are outside. Make a point to keep your camera lenses clean by including the task on a preventive maintenance cleaning list. Make sure whoever cleans the lenses does it carefully and with the assistance of a good ladder to prevent injury. 

Additionally, never clean camera lenses with anything other than a soft cloth and appropriate cleaner. Avoid abrasive cleaners, which could scratch and cloud the glass. Instead, opt for a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner recommended by the manufacturer. 

3. Hire Enough Security Having all of the cameras in the world won't matter much if you don't have the security team available to monitor and review footage. Make sure you have enough on-staff personnel to carefully review the tapes, and hire more professionals if you have questions about their ability to stay on top of things. While it may be a significant investment, a single loss prevention officer spotting the right things could save you thousands in the long run. 

When you can tell it's time to make changes to your business, turn to a security company in your area to talk about options. By quickly and proactively focusing on what you need to take care of, you can identify threats that could cause problems in the long run. You never know, the changes you make today could prevent big liabilities tomorrow.