Making Company Security Decisions

How Can I Make Sure My Home Is Secure?

Just about everyone has a lock on their front and back doors of their home. While your current locks might get the job done, that doesn't mean you have to stop there when it comes to properly securing your home. Whether you are concerned about crime in the area or you just want the greater peace of mind that can come from having additional locks installed, here's why you might want to contact a residential locksmith today.

Add Deadbolts to Your Doors

If your current house locks only have a keyhole in the door handle and that's it, the doors to your home are nowhere near as secure as they could be. A simple door handle lock is relatively easy to jimmy open if you know what you are doing. If you want additional protection for your family when you go to bed at night, you should consider getting deadbolts added to any door that leads outside. A deadbolt is obviously a lock with quite a bit more heft to it and is much more difficult to force open. Even if someone manages to get your door handle lock open with a simple paper clip or another tool, such a simple tool will not work on a deadbolt.

Switch to a Lock and Key Setup Where the Keys Cannot Be Copied

Have you ever given a copy or duplicate of your house key out to someone in the past? Maybe a relative or your next door neighbor? If there is any reason why you might not want this key out in the wild anymore and you can't ask for it back, you might want to change your locks and switch to a lock and key that can't be duplicated. To be clear, we do not mean simply stamping "Do Not Copy or Duplicate" onto the key itself; although that can't hurt. It's possible today to create a high-end lock and key that would be next to impossible for the average department store key-making associate to copy.

Add Locks to Your Windows

If you have windows that are located at the ground level and you are concerned about people getting inside, you could install extra durable storm windows that are not easy to smash and then also add more sturdy locks to every window in your home. This will give you greater peace of mind without having to actually add window bars or something else that might obscure your view of the outside